Challenge is now over, see you next year!
Cybsersecurity specialists needed! Join our troops to fight against the evil forces.
Talents we are looking for

Deep full stack understanding. Low-level knowledge, thorough technical skills. A white hat, who thinks and attacks outside the box.

Mad scientist

Develops new methods and tools to empower the troops.


Observes everything everywhere. Identifies and terminates the bad ones.


Observes everything everywhere. Clairvoyant. Knits the web. Wraps up and eats the bad guys.


Builds walls and the gate. Keeps the riff-raff out. Holistic view of the whole environment.


A raw diamond. Don’t necessarily understand their own talent yet.

Young talent seeking for summer internship. Apply now!

Last year Nixu offered a permanent position for 33% of the summer trainees.

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