FAQ (Frequently Asked Qustions)

1. What is Nixu?

Nixu Corporation is an international cybersecurity company. We work to improve our clients’ cybersecurity in solution areas of Corporate IT, Digital Business and Industrial Internet. Our clients trust Nixu in projects where developing, implementing or assessing of information security is a must. We ensure the confidentiality of our clients' data, business continuity and ease-of-access to digital services through planning and mitigation of cybersecurity risks. Our offices are located in Espoo, Stockholm, Uppsala and Amsterdam. We serve our clients in multiple industries and countries.

For more information, please visit our website

2. What kind of people work for Nixu?

We employ over 220 experienced information security consultants, technical experts and software developers working in challenging assignments. We all share passion for fine quality, client satisfaction and team work. Our professional skills are truly the core of our business so we take good care of continuously developing ourselves as well as ensuring our work-life balance. Every year we hire talented trainees to become future experts in securely connected society.

3. What kind of talents are you looking for to the “Challenge” Trainee Program?

Nixu is looking for young talents, who want to set their bet to the 100% legal side of cybersecurity. We expect our trainees to be passionate about cybersecurity, open-minded, eager to learn and contribute to Nixu’s success. We work together without unit barriers and our people have and share many common skills, competences and knowledge. Sometimes candidate’s background may be suitable for many positions – let us know your skills, passion and interests. We’ll evaluate what would be the best position for you.

Go to “TALENTS WE ARE LOOKING FOR” and learn more on the trainee positions.

4. I am studying at the moment; can I apply?

Yes, you can apply even though you’re still studying. The positions are pretty similar to the ones of junior level hires, so certain level of skills, knowledge and competences are required in order to be able to carry out daily tasks and succeed.

5. I already have some work experience; can I still apply for a Trainee position?

Yes, you can apply for a Nixu Trainee position (note, if selected, employment begins as a fixed-term contract) even though you have some former work experience. However, if you’re interested in a permanent position and have already gained experience and skills please go to our career page. There we have many open job opportunities available from junior level to more experience level positions. The application period for these positions is from 28 January to 15 February, 2017.

In addition, if any of the available job opportunities is not a match for you, you can check this out: ALREADY A PRO - INTERESTED IN A PERMANENT POSITION?

6. What does a Trainee role include at Nixu?

As a Trainee you will find out what happens under the engine cover of the information society.

Your work involves diverse engineering challenges and hands-on training on cybersecurity in different teams. Contents of your trainee program will be built individually based on your competences and Nixu business needs. You will have a coach who helps you to develop during the program.

Please notify that working on a security industry may require Employer to request a personnel security clearance by the Finnish or Swedish Security Intelligence Service.

7. Will I have the opportunity to work in other countries during Trainee Program?

The Trainee Program takes place at Nixu headquarters in Espoo, Finland and in our office in Uppsala/Stockholm, Sweden. In Sweden we have opportunities available mainly for the “Advisors” and in Finland for “Intruders”, “Gatekeepers”, “Overviewers” and “Droids”. Of course, since we are an international organization, your role may also require short business visits to clients’ locations or Nixu offices in the Netherlands and Sweden and Finland.

Please note that there are separate challenges and online applications for Espoo and Uppsala/Stockholm traineeships.

Please go to: “TALENTS WE ARE LOOKING FOR” and learn more on the trainee positions.

8. What kind of working hours do the Trainees have?

Most Trainees work full time and follow Nixu’s normal working hours. If you are a student, you can participate in the trainee program also on a part-time basis to be able to continue your studies. These are all negotiable.

9. Do you pay salary to the Trainees?

As a Trainee you will have a fixed-term employment contract for the traineeship period. During that you will compensated with a trainee level monthly salary. You will also have some additional benefits according to company policy. Nixu will also provide you with normal work-related insurances and occupational health care. If your traineeship is on a part-time basis, your salary and benefits will be adjusted according to the working hours.

10. When does Nixu Trainee Program take place?

Nixu Trainee Program will begin in April 2017 / May 2017. The length of the trainee period varies from 2,5 to 5 months depending on Nixu’s business needs, the candidate’s availability and competences.

11. When is the application period for Nixu Trainee Program? How do I apply for the Trainee Program?

The application period is from 30 January to 20 February, 2017.

1. The first step is to solve the Challenge.

2. After solving the Challenge please fill in the online application by 20 February, 2017.

Include the solutions (PDF files) for the Challenge and short description how you solved it. Attach also your CV (curriculum vitae). In case you didn't solve the challenge, you can still fill in online application explaining what you did and how you tried to solve the challenges.

12. What is Nixu Challenge?

You are expected to solve a technical case (=challenge) which will demonstrate your skills, knowledge and problem solving abilities. Please read the instructions here.

Please note that there are separate challenges and online applications for Espoo and Uppsala/Stockholm traineeships.

13. What kind of selection process do you have?

A bunch of candidates who have demonstrated their skills with the Challenge will be invited to an “Interview Event” to be held at the beginning of March, 2017. Espoo and Uppsala/Stockholm will have their own events.

Book the dates already in your calendar! Invitation to the “Interview Event” will be sent to the email address you have informed in the online application. After interviews our hiring team will make the final decisions and contact all participated candidates.

14. How many Trainees will you hire?

This year we aim to hire altogether 10 to 12 trainees. In Espoo we have 8 to 10 trainee positions available and in Uppsala/Stockholm 1 to 3 trainee positions.

15. Will you offer me a permanent job after the Traineeship?

If your Traineeship is successful, you may be offered a position. Nixu is a fast growing company with plenty of career opportunities to right kind of talents. Persons who have participated in the previous Nixu Trainee Programs, have continued to work for Nixu in permanent or temporary jobs on full-time or part-time basis, depending on the business situation and their own wishes.

16. Are there possibilities for Thesis Writers?

The scope of the Trainee Program does not include writing a thesis. However, Nixu may have positions for thesis writers from time to time which will be announced on job boards and our website. You may also leave an open application pointing your interest on our website.